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Login Agent: prerequisites

Level 4
Hi, Client has provided servers (Server OS 2016) as a runtime resource, in order for login agent to configure for this runtime, we have shared required mandatory security policy Do not require ctrl + alt + del: Enabled Do not display the lock screen: Enabled Message text for users attempted to log on: Empty Client security team is not allowing these settings and looking for any alternate way. Is there any alternate way? Need confirmation regarding mandatory security policies as well. Thanks.

Level 12
Is the system in question a VM? If so, tell them that's your justification. The policies that they're currently denying only prevent access to a physical machine. If you're accessing it remotely, you've already used the credentials and agreed to any policy statements. On disconnect, there isn't a user to prompt those to. Ctrl+Alt+Del: This one is pretty major. If the bot locks, there's no way back from this. Do not display lock screen: You don't actually need this one - it just makes it easier. If they reject this, it isn't an issue. Message text for users attempting to log on: Also pretty major. Same problem as having Ctrl+Alt+Del enabled. The only way around this would be to write your own GINA and deploy that, with a service running as the system user interacting with the logon session. However, I'm fairly certain that the installation/deployment of this would also be denied.