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Resource offline and session pending

Level 3

We are encountering the following issue with the VMs:

1)     1)  After installing Office 365 from Excel 2016, there is a problem where resources go offline, and an error pop-up appears on the machines. This issue occurs after the logout and login process has been completed.

   Error message 1: The following error has occurred: The request channel timed out attempting to send after 00:00:00. Increase the timeout value passed to the call to Request or increase the SendTimeout value on the Binding. The time allotted to this operation may have been a portion of a longer timeout.

  Error message 2: The following error has occurred: Client is unable to finish the security negotiation within the configured timeout (00:00:00). The current negotiation leg is 1 (00:00:00).


2)      2) The process session does not start and remains in a pending state.

          Has anyone else experienced similar issues?

Note: There have been no changes made to the machines except for the installation of Office 365. We are experiencing issues only in a few machines where the process runs every 15 minutes.

Dinesh Kumar

Level 5

Hi Dinesh,

I hope you are getting these issues when you are trying to login in machines using SSO with Active Directory.

1) Error Message1: If there are multiple domains involved then it could be that there is some latency affecting BP when it tries to connect to all the domains in an environment. When BP attempts the login it will  try to connect to all the associated domains. Checking distributed domains especially if there is latency involved  will cause the timeout error.

It  can be resolved by configuring the trusted domain. By configuring trusted domain(s) we are telling BP when you attempt a login not try to connect to all of the domains in an environment, only try to connect to trusted domain(s) we have selected. This will avoid latency by bypassing certain domains which may take longer to connect. System Administrators can manually configure the trusted Active Directory domains that will be queried during the login process. Check with your System Administrator once.

Error Message2: This issue will occur if you specify the proxy for the bot user. By going to Internet Options Connections LAN settings you can see if there any proxy settings set for the bot user (This setting will change from user to user you have to login with bot credentials to check these settings).

As shown in the below screenshot disable the "User automatic configuration script" & "Proxy Server" if it is enabled


When the proxy is enabled and cannot be bypassed (for security reason), add the BP Application Server (eg: in the list of Exceptions( Internet Options > Connections > LAN settings > Advanced)


2) Once the above two issues are resolved the process will not sit in pending state because previously there was an issue while logging in.

I Hope this will resolve your issues....

If I was of assistance, please vote for it to be the "Best Answer".

Thanks & Regards,
Salman Shaik
If I was of assistance, please vote for it to be the "Best Answer". Thanks & Regards, Salman Shaik