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How to fix Resource Not Connected

I have resource (RPA-IC-DEV) state is Idle but Connection is Not Connected.How to fix resource?------------------------------NONTHAKORN PRISAROJTechnical ArchitectZyGen Co., Ltd.Asia/Bangkok------------------------------


Problem with c# VBO integration

Hello, As part of one of our processes, we developed a small c# code on Visual Studio to retrieve information from IBM MQ. We want to put it in a blueprism object, but we're encountering errors like "Predefined type 'System.Object' is not defined o...

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Blueprism Database Server change

Hi, For Blueprism 6.5 we are changing the 2016 SQL server location from one location to another. Because of performance issue we are doing a cluster change and changing the server to another location. What are the Blueprism steps to configure these c...

Connection to application server

One of our runtime-resource is out of domain, to communicate with app server, we have added IP and machine name in hosts file for each. It works well in production. For test purpose, on the same runtime-resource we try to create a connection to UAT a...

EricLi by Level 6
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acessing file manager

I have installed MS Access Continuously getting this issue.  Can any one help on this.. ------------------------------Jamuna Eakambaram------------------------------

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Interact 4.7 Installation error.

Hi, We are trying to install Interact 4.7, but we are below getting error during installation, which we are not able to identify can any help us on this error. Error ErrorText:Info: Trying to get value by key - INTERACT_SECRET ...Info: Trying to get ...

Citrix Installation - Silent/Scripted

Hello All, I was looking into the silent/scripted installation guide for BP - Silent installation (  It provides commands on how we can install BP with optional components like browser extensions, google sheets etc. I am looking for a ...

JSON to Collection Issue.

Hi All, Greetings. need some help. I need to access the data in value field. could you please help me with this. ------------------------------Jishnu P Nair------------------------------


Unable to match any windows with the query terms

Hi all, I'm following the Blue Prism Foundation Training, and am tryin to understand the process of using business objects with Notepad. My process will open Notepad completely fine, but once it goes onto the Notepad: write step I get the following e...

Send Email using PoP3/SMTP for Outlook

Hi! We have a scenario to work with PoP3/SMTP. First, we configured the outlook server. Then we are trying to send an email using SMTP configuration of Outlook, but facing this error, Here are the details attached in Screen shot. Thanks, Thrivikra...