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Schedule to run only on weekends and national holidays



We need to schedule a certain process to run on weekends and national holidays hourly.

We have one calendar to define Korean business days as below

Scheduling processes to run only on business days is possible, on the other hand, we can't let robot run only on weekends and Korean national holidays through the calendar.


It would be nice if we could use this calander we configured to acheive this.

Could anyone share any idea on this?

Warm Regards

Yuna Lee
Solution Consultant
Blue Prism Korea


Level 4

Hi Yuna,

This my thought to achieve with existing calendar which has business working days only.

  1. While creating a schedule don't use any calendar instead just select daily as frequency for your weekendholiday process.
  2. In your weekendholiday process add a logic to check the day is a working day using Utility Calendar object with the calendar name you have already which is working week / No holidays. 

It will provide you whether the current day is working day or not ( boolean ). Then if current day is not a business working day then proceed with your weekend/holiday process. Else  end the process there itself as it a working day.

Note: in this case schedule will run daily but process will be executed only when the day is weekend or holiday

Let me know if you think this is ok approach.

Nandhakumar C
Technology Consultant
SimplifyNext Pte Ltd


Hello @YunaLee


I think we can do this already, although it took a little thinking as we have to do the opposite of the intention of Calendars…


Create a calendar that has a list of dates you do not want to run the schedule on.


  1. Create a new calendar: (call it – None working days)

  2. Working Week: Select all days as a working day (Monday – Sunday)

  3. Public Holiday: Select <None>

  4. Other Holidays: Add all the day you do not want to run the Schedule (I.e. put in all your working days dates, and do not include weekends and national holidays)


Add this Calendar to your Schedule automation run: 

  1. Schedule: Hourly / Minutely

  2. Run Every: 1 hour

  3. Only on days in calendar: [None working days]



  • Give your calendar a meaningful name

  • The with the Blue Prism 7.2 API, you could programmatically create and maintain your calendars, rather than manually adding days.


I'd like to know how you got on and whether this gave you want you needed.


Kind regards

Chris Strong

Senior Product Manager

SS&C | Blue Prism

Chris Strong
Product Manager
Blue Prism