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Setting up credentials for IBM Watson Natural Language Translation

Level 3
The user guide for using the IBM Watson Natural Language Translation service does not seem to be correct. What setting up the credentials for the IBM Watson credentials service it says to enter user id and password (not API key) on the Credentials Details screen.  IBM watson provides an API key. The Identify Language step fails because the API calls fails with an error message that authentication failed. There is no way to determine what to put in the user id and password since IBM Watson does not provide a user id and password (only an api key).

Level 2
Same here, IBM deprecated the basic auth for WNLT service and now works by only providing an API Key. Is there a workaround for this ? since the available guide is not accurate...

Level 3
Please let me know if anyone finds a solution to this problem.  

Level 2
Can anyone on this Blue Prism website locate the relevant IBM Watson Intelligent Services VBO?   I have been unable to locate the file(s).  However, I do note that there is a new related item in the Blue Prism Digital Exchange.   I have attempted to use the original IBM Watson Intelligent Services v1.0, both Watson translation and Image recognition with no success. 

Level 12
A few of them can be found on the Digital Exchange.