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SharePoint VBO aborts requests.

Level 2

35980.pngHi Team 🙂 .

Please help, I am trying to connect with SharePoint to download and upload files using the same business object as the group at work, however on my license account the business object results in the error provided as a screenshot above. I fail to understand what is the cause of the error. I've verified SharePoint access for the credentials provided to the Action. What could I have changed on my system settings to resist BP from interacting with SharePoint?

Kind Regards,

Mothushi Owen Thoka


Hello Mothusi Owen Thoka,

I would suggest to check your share point access and compare your team mates access  who is able to perform this actions using Bp
there might be some access related.

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Harish Mogulluri

Level 2

Hi Harish Mogulluri.

Thank you very much for your response. I checked with that. The access is completely fine & the account being used is set as the owner of the SharePoint site. The issue here is that when I run the download action, the file appears for a short while in the destination folder then automatically deletes instantly after the BP throws that exception. I've tried reviewing it with a lot of developers on my end and it seems none of us can find the issue. I ended up thinking I might have interfered with the settings and the BP can't access MS Office.