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Unable to double click link - tried several solutions

Level 4
Hi all, 

I'm facing an issue where I need to double click a link on a dynamically-found link that will open up a document. This was previously working in IE (and IEMode in Edge), but I've been working on migrating it to chrome. This is the only element I'm having issues with.

For context, I have the BOT currently picking up the xpaths for the documents and then looping over them to open up the documents. The xpaths are working perfectly; They can global hover and click just fine, but when double click is set up - nothing happens.

What I've tried so far:
-Focus/Global Hover/Hover/Activate Window(from browser element) and then DoubleClick element.
-Focus and 2 click expressions back to back.
-Tried separating the 2 click expressions into separate stages.
-Tried changing the element type to different HTML items.
-When I was stepping over any configuration mentioned above during my testing, it would randomly work at low chances. This got me to build a retry loop over this navigate stage, but this didn't work either.
-Tried identifying element in Browser Mode and UI Mode to see if there was a difference. There was none.

What I've tested that works, but I'm not sure how to get screen coordinates/position for the dynamic element:
-Global hover on dynamic element and then Global Double Mouse Click on browser element(X and Y were statically tested of course).

Attributes picked up from Browser mode

Attributes picked up from Browser mode (the table cell holding the element above)

Attributes picked up from UIA Mode

The webpage in question. The Highlighted item is what needs to be double-clicked in order to open the document.

Please let me know if there is more information needed. I'm hoping this element doesn't hold me back to go back to IEMode and waste the time I've worked on this chrome migration.

Many thanks.

Saul Galaviz

Level 4
Thank you all for the suggestions. I've made up my mind and reverted to IEMode as I wasn't able to find any long term consistent solution.

Saul Galaviz

@Saul Galaviz

If you have already reverted then it's fine. But since the hover works fine, getting the mouse coordinates is straightforward which you can then pass to the Mouse click action using Utility - General.
​Below code stage gets the coordinate.


Shashank Kumar
DX Integrations Partner Consultant
Blue Prism

@Saul Galaviz - I'm not sure if you saw this one but the pop-ups have to be enabled in our application. Once I enabled them the bot was able to use the browser mode double click optino and the document opened right up.​

Kyle Densley

Hi Shashank,

I am trying to implement above code stage but getting compilation errors,can you please let me know input ,output and any DLL list needs to be added for above code to work.

Hi Shashank,

I am trying to implement above code stage but getting compilation errors, can you please let me know input, output and any DLL list needs to be added for above code to work.