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ESR / Orcale closing

Hello All, Anyone using ESR / Oracle in their automations - have you come across an issue where the automation will be working in Oracle updating a staff record with no issues and then all of a sudden it will close oracle, causing the automation to f...


Find the Position of text in a Word Document

Hi All  I am currently working with Word documents , I have to iterate through a large volume of word documents and check to see if any of them require a signature.  I look for the text "Yours Sincerely" , and then i will add a text box on the line ...

RSHERRY by Staff
  • 1 replies

Resource showing as Offline in Controller

Hi,My Runtime Resource's went offline state all of a sudden in a time where no one is available.I tried 1. Restarting VM's 2. Checked login agent and app server (all are working fine) (stopped and restarted again)3. Checked connection between RR,IC a...

Converting Excel file to Csv file

Hi, I want to convert Excel file to Csv file without using Ms Excel Vbo actions If anyone has an idea on this. Please help on this------------------------------Soumya k RPA DeveloperRPA DeveloperQualesce India Private LimitedBangalore----------------...

Soumya21 by Level 6
  • 12 replies

Checkbox group with variations in line gaps

Hey team, does anyone know if Decipher can work fine with the Checkmark group that has multiple lines and spacing between each gap varies? We have all other checkmark groups working fine but only facing challenges with the Checkmark group that has mu...

Need an Opinion for VM Automation

Hi,I need an opinion about virtual machine automation. I need to log on a VM with Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) from another VM where I have Blue Prism. I performed a test where I could log on the VM using RDC. Then I had to use Region Mode to spy ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 2 replies

BP Learning Edition Query

Hi there - apologies if this is the wrong community but I have a query relating to the BP Induction training offered through the Learning Edition software.  I've not been able to download the Product Induction Self Setup zip file as Z Scaler blocks i...

Resolved! Error while using Notepad Business Object

Hi, I am undergoing foundation training in the blueprism rpa software. The process flow is Start -> Launch::Notepad-> Close::Notepad -> End .  The application launches but fails to close and I get this error message - Internal : Failed to perform ste...

Resolved! Problem using control room to read file/load queue

In my test environment, I have two BP systems.  I wrote a process that reads in a csv from a file share and populates a queue in BP.  If I run this through process studio, it works fine. However, if I use Control Center and try to run it on one of th...