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Unable to spy Java applications

Level 3
I am using BluePrism Studio v6.10.

I was just trying to spy some sample java applications (Skeleton, SwingSet3, etc.) but it always fails with the following error:
There was an error during the spying operation. System.InvalidOperationException: Exception getting Java Identfier KeyBindings Exception: Index was outside the bounds of the array. at BluePrism.AMI.clsAMI.Spy(clsElementTypeInfo& elementType, List`1& identifiers) at AutomateUI.frmIntegrationAssistant.HandleSpyOrLaunchClick(Object sender, EventArgs e)

The fields are highlighted in the Java spy mode but this error popup comes upon selecting the field.

Here are the things I have tested: 
1. JAB is installed (first tried using the pre-installed one that comes with JDK 1.8 then custom installed JAB 2.0.2 from BluePrism portal. It was enabled in the accessibility settings too). For testing, JavaMonkey was able to generate the tree of the sample application.
2. Tried adding the - descendtree,ignorenotshowing params in application modeller. Also tried all variations of these.
3. Tried all variations of application manager mode.
4. Tried testing on different applications. 
5. Had restarted PC after JAB was enabled. 
6. Referred the Java automation guide for BluePrism.
7. Ensured the object mode in application modeller config was 'Java'.

I might have missed a few more things that I found online and tried but I still faced the same issue. 
The system architecture is 64-bits.

I'll appreciate it if someone could point out how they were able to resolve this or provide me a step-by-step guide on how I can do a clean setup (of Java environment and JAB), or suggest a better alternative to Java accessibility mode (I did try using other accessibility modes on the application but none of them were able to detect elements inside the application window)

Thank you for contacting us; this is a particular question and needs more attention from our support team; please create a ticket or email us at

Level 2
I've personally had a bad experience with the Java Spy mode. I would recommend either resorting to UI Spy mode (BP v6+) or Region mode as BP takes ages to spy elements in Java Spy mode (after a long struggle to make it work)
Not working? Weird, I've never experienced that. My client was using an oracle system too (still is). Performance was more than 10 times better with region when compared to java mode.
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