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Unable to spy a pop-up

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Hi, we're trying to spy a window popup in an internet based program to close it down and continue. When the popup "pops up", there is no way of spying it in Blue Prism. The only possible way is in accessibility mode, but that always brings the following error message after it says unable to spy: System.ApplicationException: The window spied was not found in the model at BluePrism.AMI.clsAMI.Spy(clsElementTypeInfo& elementType, List`1& identifiers) at Automate.frmIntegrationAssistant.HandleSpyOrLaunchClick(Object sender, EventArgs e) The popups seem to be contained within the program itself and don't open a new tab/window or process in task manager. Therefore, we're not able to attach to this popup itself (unless there's another way of doing this?} There is also no way to access any source code for the popup as it opens in front of the original program and right clicking/F12 dev tools is unavailable. At the minute a temporary fix is in place using surface automation but we'd rather not rely on this for when it is put into development. Anyone come across this type of problem before in their own programs or think of any ways to fix? Thanks all.

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Can you Please help me with this.

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Personally, I always recommend users only ever use code stages as a very last resort - bespoke code is difficult to support long term. For ie popups: Create a second objects with a name like ""IE Popups"" -- In the Application Modeller wizard define the new application as a Windows application (rather than a browser application) -- Attach to the popup (make sure you attach to the correct ie process thread - use just the window title if you want) -- You should now be able to use Windows/Accessibility modes on the second window. -- Worst case scenario is you might need to use some Surface Automation, but that should be easy as IE popups are very basic windows. You would do this by using image recognition techiques to search for and find the buttons before clicking them etc. I have done this many times, on every version of Windows since XP and on every version of IE since 6, so it is the way to do it. If you cannot get it to work I suggest reaching out to a mentor with more experience of interfacing with IE.

Hi Ravinder, Can you please send the screenshot or points, how we can handle pop up in the same object? It will be of great help, I am struggling a bit in this, if any sample code you have can you please send me or any tips? Thanks

What is the name of the .exe to attach too ?
( Like you suggested I have created a second object to connect with the 'Choose File to Upload' pop-up I get from an IE webpage.
 But the Application model requires me to give the name of the exe... so how can I attach to the popup ?

Saurabh Palkar

Hi Saurabh, 
We need to attach to the popup before spying the window. Just give window title & child index to attach to the popup. After attaching with these parameters we will not face any issue during spying.

Mullapudi Ramya
RPA Blue Prism Developer

Thank you Ramya, I will try your advice


Saurabh Palkar

Hi Team,

I am using edge browser to automate the process. Because of edge browser version update login screen has been changed and giving below popup to login but now I am unable to spy user name & password and login button. It is always spying out area of popup. Can you please suggest how to capture login details or is this possible to revert back of older version of edge browser? Giving below is the screen shot older and newer version of login screen.

Using BP version 7.0 latest version.

New version of login screen because edge browser version is newer. 


Old version of login screen because edge browser version is older. in this version Bot was able to login.


Can you please provide your solution.



Pralay Das