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Upgrading to BP 6.10/11 or 7

Level 5

We are targeting an upgrade in Q1 2022.
I'm wondering what the consensus is with upgrading to version 6.10/11 vs. 7 and what we should be considering when deciding?


Max McConchie
Automation Manager
Australian Government Department of Finance

Level 5
There is a couple of new things to be aware of when upgrading.
I noticed some new settings regarding the application server that needed to be set properly before our resources worked again.
The most important thing though is that you need a new version of your license, so you need to have that sorted before upgrading, or else you will be locked out unless you rollback.

Christopher Diggs
RPA Developer

Hi Christopher,

Can you please explain more briefly on the settings part , also everything you have followed for the upgrade,
Did you needed any infra other than current ones you had or anything related to the upgrade.


Anil Kumar Juttada RPA Business Analyst
RPA Business Systems Analyst
CDK Global

Hi Max,

The main architecture difference between v6 and v7 is the concept of Application Server Controlled Runtime Resources (ASCR) in v7. Firewall ports on Blue Prism Application Servers must be open to work with this new feature. Note that ASCR is a compulsory feature to plan for your v7 upgrade thus cannot be ignored. For details, please see our documentation here.

There are a number of factors you should take into consideration, your choice of browsers, MV3 compatibility, and the CVE fixes Blue Prism has since offered. I would advise you to reach out to your local Blue Prism Professional Services if you would to have a thorough discussion around the considerations for different Blue Prism versions to upgrade to.

Bruce Liu
Senior Product Consultant, Professional Services
Blue Prism