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Using Too Much Memory?

Community Team
Community Team

If you're having "Out of Memory" issues when using Blue Prism, there's some great advice on our knowledge base. One useful idea for dealing with this is managing the amount of memory being used:

Tactics for dealing with memory consumption

There are several ways to alleviate memory issues using the Blue Prism product:

To regularly SAVE changes that are being made to the open Process or Object being worked on in Blue Prism.
To periodically CLOSE down the Process or Object Studio; log out of the Blue Prism client interface completely; wait for the 'automate.exe' process to close down; and then re-open your client and continue working.
To modify the configured amount of UNDO levels that the Blue Prism software is set to retain.

There are several ways to alleviate memory issues by making changes to the machine on which Blue Prism is running:

To increase the amount of physical RAM on the machine.
To increase the PAGE FILE size in your Virtual Memory settings.

We would recommend that you consult with your desktop administrators before making any changes to your machine's memory-related settings to ensure that they will be effective and in accordance with your company's policies.

You can read the full article here (you need to be logged in) 
How do I avoid Out of Memory Issues

Hope this helps!


James Woods
Community Manager
Blue Prism

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Hi James,
Thank you for your values post .

Ram Prasad Gajula
Software engineer

Level 9
Thanks @JamesW for the valuable information. Also, would like to add certain points:

1) Regular archiving of database also prevents memory issues.
2) While deploying the process, the error logging needs to be set to "Errors only" rather than enabling it for all the stages.
3) Tags should not be dynamically created for every work item since every tag consumes some space in memory. If for every work item, the bot is creating a unique tag, then few months down the line, the bots will start failing due to memory issues.​

Ritansh Jatwani Senior Consultant
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