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Utility - File Management, HTML to CSV Conversion

Level 2

Hello Everyone. 

I need to convert HTML Data into CSV. The HTML Data is stored in a Text Data Item. When I copy paste the HTML Value (manually) from the Data Item (Copy - Paste) into a Text File and convert it using the Python Code (html2csv), I am getting a good CSV File. 


However, when I try to create a text file using Blue Prism, Utility - File Management, Action - Write Text to File or Append Text to File, and then when I use the Python Code (html2csv) to convert it, I am getting a bad CSV. 


There are extra characters getting added into the CSV File. I am assuming this is because while creating a Text File via Blue Prism, there are extra characters getting added to the File. 

Do you know what could be the cause for this issue and how it can be resolved. 

Thank you in advance for the help!



Apparently it's a codification text problem, check creating a custom action containing the adaptation to UTF8.


Leonardo Soares RPA Developer América/Brazil