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Resolved! How to insert work items into Work Queue?

Dear Community We were queried by the customer as to whether there's any way for the 3rd-party entity (such as Chatbot) to insert work items into the existing Work Queue. ​ What would be the simplest way to enable the 3rd-party entity to access the...

Active Directory Synchronization and Deleting Users

We ran into an issue where we had a user who previously developed Digital Workers for us had left our group. The user was part of an Active Directory (AD) group.The user came back and many teams looked into why this user could not be added back into ...

Resolved! Regarding Blue Prism V7 Deployment on Microsoft Azure Cloud

Hello,We currently have a new customer for whom we are going to build a new infra on Microsoft Azure cloud and deploy Blue Prism Version 7 over there. In order to build and connect the Blue Prism components in Microsoft Azure cloud Infrastructure, wh...

esaugos by Level 6
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String Manipulation-Fetch data in between the string

Hi Community,I have a string in a variable that looks as following:"Name : Nirbhay MishraProfile : Intelligent AutomationAge :"I want to fetch the value of Name, Profile and Age in separate variables for further processing.What are the p...

Decipher IDP 2.2 Release Date

Exited to see the Decipher IDP 2.2 New Features and Updates training class in BP University.   Has the release date been announced for the upgrade?Thanks

Resolved! Decipher Installation Flowchart

Hello team ! How`s it going ? Is there any documentation that contains a flowchart detailing how many machines the decipher needs to be created in a production environment please?It would be similar to those drawings that the blue prism installation ...

Resolved! Blue Prism License

Hi all,What is the significance of 2 under the session tab in the blue prism license? does that mean that a single license can be used to run two concurrent sessions? for example:1. If we have 10 runtime resources and 10 licenses are bought does that...

SSL/TLS Certificate Error in Application

Hi All,I'm trying to automate an application for one of my client. The requirement is to raise a request in the portal which will trigger a ticket in Jira internally. We are trying to use API for raising the request. The API call works in Postman, un...

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Getting Text with NewLine

Hello,i have a text like thisand want to extract the text after ":".The length of the extractet text can variate. My Idea was to do this with the Mid Function like this but the the length is not right. I think that im using the Newline Character wron...

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Resolved! 'Log Memory Usage' logging function

Hi, allI have enabled 'Log Memory Usage' for my machine, expected I will be able to see where and when the consumption creeps up.But couldn't find where I could find the logs(Not found in seession log)Does anyone have any suggestions on how to find t...

YunaLee by Staff
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