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Issue with identifying Part Number in Decipher

Hi,I am training Decipher on different types of invoices. Usually one of the fields I am looking for: Part Number is supposed to be under the Item Number column in the below image.  And it works fine if the Part Number is to be taken from Item Number...


Upload a Zip File using API in Blueprism

Hi ,I tried using Webservices to upload a zip file into a cloud instance but it was not successful. But when the same was implemented in post man, we are able to import. Tried every methods suggested in RPA forum, but not getting a proper response fo...

Unexpected closing of BluePrism at 23:00

Good morning,I have a platform of 5 machines with 5 robots running different processes. On 1 machine at 23:00 BluePrism automatically closes, so that from the server the machine shows that the connection has been lost. I have been able to access the ...

Setting Excel Values with Formulas

Hello, I´m trying to set a value of a cell with a Formula. The way i´m trying to do it is via "Set Cell Value" action related to MS Excel VBO Object. Example: "=IF(AND(H19="&[Cond 1]&";S19

Resolved! SAP Question

Hello, I am quite new to Blue Prism. I did do the training provided, so I have made some progress on my bot but have seem to hit a road block I cant seem to figure out. I used previously created action objects to open, log in, and execute my transact...

Decipher Server Service Stopped automatically

Hello everyone,I noticed that the Decipher Server Service Stopped automatically and randomly after doing some operations in Decipher.and every time I have to run it again, this happen randomly when I use Decipher client or run the process from Blue p...

Interact Condition

Hi,I am wondering how to build a condition based form on multiple fields/values. Let's say that I have a drop down and one text fields which is read only and may or may not have a value. I would like to build a following condition - if a user choose ...

Pasting to an Excel looses Formulas

Hi I have an issue where I take data from an excel (with formulas) into a collection to work within my process. Once that is finished, I save the Excel as an Archive for reference.I will then take an Excel template (with formulas) and write back any ...