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Installing Learning 6.6 : Sign in?

So i have downloaded BluePrismLearning6.6.msi.I have my licence file.I run the installer, and get as far as Sign in with Blue Prism credentials.Nothing i use worksI have no idea what are the correct credentials.I have un installed and re installed an...


Blue Prism Password error

Hello, I would like to ask for help since I wasn't able to log on to my Blue Prism account. For some reason, I forgot my password which has been set up last Friday. For your kind assistance please.Thank you in advance.------------------------------Re...

Rea by Level 2
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Blue Prism with EPIC EMR

We have compiled some short notes on the 4 ways we see Blue Prism architecturally configured to automate EPIC EMR. What approach are you utilizing to automate EPIC & Cerner?------------------------------Josh NoblePractice Director, US Life Science & ...

Chrome Browser spying mode seized to work

Browser spying mode seized to work on chrome. I even started a bright new application launched and tried spying an element using browser mode and I cant spy anything, not even the browser window. It was working fine a couple of days ago. Does anyone ...

Error when transfer CSV to XLSX

​Hi Blueprism I have found an error when you transfer from CSV to XLSX file some text will be changed from3-3044 to 01-03-30445-4032 to 01-05-4032 I have attached a test process where you can replicate the error.greetings----------------------------...


errormessage when import csv

Hi Blueprism support I have an error message when I using the VBO object Import CSV:Want to create a excel xlsx file from the csv file.I have attached a description file to the message.greetings------------------------------Kristian HolmRPA programme...

WEB API error-Grant type should be present in Body

Hi People..i have one query..while working on web api ....i am working on authentication for getting bearer token but i am getting this error "error_description":"AADSTS900144: The request body must contain the following parameter: 'grant_type'. I ha...

License Activation

Good Day,I have forgotten my password and dropped my current DB and created a new one.Imported the license, now I am struggling to activate it. Here is the error I receive: ------------------------------Nathenial Taylor----------------------------...

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OLEDB - Data

​Hi,I am trying to run an update SQL using the Get Connection action in Data - OLEDB VBO.  It's failing as I believe it's expecting a result set so I create an Update action.  It's completing with error, but it is not actually updating the data.  (Se...

Mainframe automation- color detection.

Hello all, I know that surface automation allows us to detect the colour value but I wonder if it is possible within mainframe. To better explain my point: In my mainframe environment some transaction lines have different font colours depending of ...

KK1 by Level 3
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Connected to:

I am using SQL Express 2019 and I successfully managed to create a database for blue prism connection. But the blue prism is showing connected to : '<unknown>'. I don't know why this comes instead of SQL Express 2019. Please suggest me a solution if ...


Resolved! Scheduler Gets Stuck in Pending

Hi guys,I am implementing a process that needs to start automatically every X minutes.I've scheduled it to do:- Login -> Process -> Log OutHowever, when we set up the scheduler, 1 out of 5 times or so, it only adds the process and it stays on pending...


Resolved! Method arguments must be enclosed in parentheses.

Hello,I have completed the SAP scripting but when I am trying to run the code in Object level above error is showing. Did I miss anything.I have attached the screenshots of my code. Page: Click on SpreadsheetStage: Code1Type: ErrorAction: ValidateDes...