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Last row in SAP Container

Hi,I have a container in SAP FEBA transaction.I have to loop through all the accounts, then bank statements and line then line itmes under it.How do i know the last row or index( untill when i should continue the loop ) in the comtainer.Note : its a ...

Internet Explorer - Activate Application Access Denied

We have a process that uses a few global actions to interact with Internet Explorer. As per best practice recommendations we are calling Activate Application first before doing a Focus on the target element and then further actions from there.   This...

Resolved! how to export list of exception types

I can see list of exception types here:system - objects - exception typesI want to export the list (exception type and process name) because processes are too many to display allcsv, excel, text,  any other file type okplease telll me how to export t...

sumire by Level 8
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Session Logs showing as blank

Hello,I am having an issue is with the session logs appearing as blank for a particular process. Stage logging is enabled for key actions in the process, but loop stages which cleanse large amounts of data are set to log on errors only.   It loo...

Replace break Line in Excel

Hello,I want to create object which will replace charecters using ASCII Characters as arguments. I need this object to delete all line breaks in excel file ( Chr(10)).My code stage does not work when I use ASCII characters:range.Replace(Chr(115), Chr...

PDF Reader VBO User Guide

I have attached PDF Reader VBO User Guide. If the attachment is missing. Check the below link.

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Hi AllI have to generate report from queue.From queue BOT is trying twice for each case.Ex: 1st Attempt: Process terminated due to application latency2nd Attempt: Process terminated because of unable to finfmd element.In report i have to update both ...

Unable to spy in WIN 32 mode

Hi Team,  We are facing issues while spying in WIN32 mode. Mouse cursor is at one point and BP highlights (SPY'S) at another place. Despite of spying the required fields somehow, when we highlight the element they are getting failed. We tried various...

Blue Prism - Resource host Error

Hi All, Can you help fix this issue, I have connected 8 resource using the same configuration setting but somehow the last one is giving me the "No such host is Known". Here is the Screen shot of the Resource file is attached. Not able to run any ot...

Send Mail with Image in Mail Body In Lotus Notes

Hi All,Has anyone worked on sending email through lotus notes with an image in mail body. Please help if anyone has encountered a similar situation.ThanksDivas Gupta------------------------------divas guptaRPA DeveloperIBMHyderabad/India-------------...