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Status: Planned-Now

When a process or business object's name is changed all references to that process or business object are lost.

This great affect reusability and results in artifacts with improper names to retain references.

Proposed Solution:
Artifacts have a NAME (static for DB), LABEL (shown in GUI for ease), and DESCRIPTION. This will allow artifacts to have their LABEL updated easily without breaking any references to that artifact.

Level 4
This is a good idea.  Processes and Objects already have a "processid" column within the "BPAProcess" table that doesn't change when changing the name, I've always wondered why the link is broken when renaming.  All the links and references should be off the "processid" GUID, but it appears name is important too for some reason.
Community Team (Retired)

Hi William,

Thanks so much for submitting your idea! We are moving it into the Under Consideration status while we route the idea through our internal review process. 

We will update you as your idea moves along the lifecycle.

Thank you!

Hello @William Kidney,

I have updated your idea to "Planned" and adjusted the linked product from "Blue Prism Product" to "Process Repository" as this idea will be delivered as part of this new component. For more information on the roadmap for Process Repository, please see the August 2022 roadmap webinar, available here.