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Hi Team,

When a BOT is used to call an API endpoint, the BOT machine details are send as an incoming requestor to the endpoint.

In case the authentication mechanism requires the creation of certificates to allow only the needed traffic, then all the BOT machines needs to be added to the certificate.

Moreover if there are any deletion or addition of BOT machines as per the requirement, then we need to create new certificates.

I want to propose to create an internal API gateway in Blue Prism using which we can redirect all the BOT API calls to BP Server and then BP server will in turn make the calls on BOTs behalf, this way we only have to create the certificates once that too with just the BP server details

If you like the Idea, please upvote so the SSC team can put that to their review list.

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Hello Manish - this is something we are actively thinking about. Thanks for posting the idea for others to vote & add commentary as well!


Nathan Finder