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Level 2
Status: New
Is this not good that we add a voice stage?
Is it possible to add a voice stage I think yes we can do it and for this, I need more advice on how can I proceed with this problem?
Guys, I need your suggestion how can we do this.
Level 6
What do you mean by "voice"-stage?
But I'm brainstorming what can be the potential use of a voice stage?
Will it translate or read text?
What is that you want to perform using the voice stage?
Level 8

i thought for 10 mins about the purpose of a voice stage in the automation flow .but coulnd't come up with even single use

Can you please share me whats the use case you have in mind regarding a voice stage

Level 12
Out of plain curiosity, and as appreciation of such a novel idea, I will now proceed to put my vote on this idea. Can't wait to see this implemented! Whatever it'll be, it'll be exciting!