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Level 10
Status: New

Hi Team,

The Problem: Our team maintain ODI for particular processes and a global ODI for all processes. However we face challenge updating these documents as developer spend time on development and testing the automations. As a result these documents are not always up to date and sometimes cause issues with duplicity of objects being developed.

The Idea: I would like to request an ODI tab where we can go and see all the objects that are developed for an given application. This will allow us to actively reuse these already developed objects.
For this to work we should ask for application name while developing the modeler. So that all the objects are grouped under the same application on the ODI tab, further it should be easy to check the actions and their input output for each tab along with their description.

Do let me know if you have doubts or any other solution that can help us.


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Level 12

While I like your idea, you could easily work around this issue by naming your objects after the application they access. That way, all objects for a given application should be nicely grouped in the list of objects. Since you nowadays can search for (part) of the name of an object or process, you could simply search for all objects named after that application.