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Status: Planned-Later

With the current version of Capture we can only customize (under User Settings) for example company logo and colors. But is there a possibility to customize the Contents ? Right now when we are finished with the entire recording and want to download the PDD , it comes with a default set of Contents and it is tedious to change and adjust the headings and sub-headings according to the company standards and requirements. If we can set these headings and sub-headings prior to the download just like how we do with the Logo and color under user settings that will save a lot of time and energy. 

Default Contents:

Desired Contents:
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Hi Dharitri, 

Thanks for raising this idea. 

We are aware of this requirement from a large number of customers, and can't wait to deliver this as soon as possible. This is on the Capture roadmap as part of our Next Gen platform. Please monitor our roadmap on the portal to get the latest on the delivery timelines. 

Once again, thanks for your contribution to Blue Prism Community.