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Level 3
Status: Delivered

In our company we have many developers who are dealing with some problems with understanding parts during Advanced Consolidation Exercise (ACE)
First of all we would like to ask you to describe in more details how to use global send keys. From our perspective information for example to change spying mode is missing (like to activate application win32 and for sending them we need to use different one) and more general information with some examples. Even if we direct newcomers to separate send keys and send keys events guide information included there are not sufficient.

Level 3
Great initiative, with a great amount of the newcommers we are still facing misunderstading of the instructions so it would be good to make them more detailed or precised.
Level 1
Thanks very much for the feedback.  We are currently reviewing the content in the BP Developer Learning Plan, and will be updating the material. 

Thank you for the feedback around the ACE and Global Send Keys/Events in particular we will endeavor to improve the content in the near future.

Hi Joanna, 

As of December 1, 2023 our new Developer Exam Certification is live based on the new Developer Certification Learning Plan which is available on Blue Prism University. 

In the new Developer Learning Plan, the content for ACE has been updated and we have also added content for Global Send Keys/Events.