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Level 10
​Collection in environment variable will be a life changing experience in Blueprism World. Environment variable for a whole process can be defined in a single collection. this reduces number of environment variables to be defined
Hello Jose!
Could you please describe better? Is this really a solution? The only way that i'm thinking on how to take a Variable in the position 5 of 9 (for example) is by looping the collection of environment variables and making desicions if they exist or not and throw an exception if it not exist... I think that is an unnecesary logic, perhaps Im wrong and Im misunderstanding your Idea, so I'm curious how you're thinking this will work
Level 10
​my point is, a collection in environment variable could replace use of config file. most of the developers are currently following a practice to keep an excel file which is populated with network paths, website urls,etc they basically get this to collection and use that inside process. having a collection available in environment variable can replace the config file.
Community Team (Retired)

Hi Jerin,

Thanks so much for submitting your idea! We are moving it into the Under Consideration status while we route the idea through our internal review process. 

We will update you as your idea moves along the lifecycle.

Thank you!

Level 2
We're working around this by adding CSV content in the environment variables and parsing it to a collection within the process. Works well, but isn't the best UX of course.