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Status: Reviewed

Secure Message Center is another SS&C product that allows us to send sensitive information to customers either through their account portal access or as a single, secure link.  We are building Process workflows in Chorus so associates can send message to customers using a Restful Service API for Secure Message.  We would like to use Communications to generate those messages, and send that output message to this restful service API for Secure Message Center to deliver to the customer.

Note, this Restful Service API is currently under development.  Today, we send secure messages through an email relay server.  This email relay solution is being replaced by the Restful Service API.  We want the enhancement to Communications to work with the upcoming Restful Service.

This will probably require some direct collaboration with the Digital Investor team, that owns SMC to determine what format this message can be in to be passed to their API.

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Packaging Delivery support to optionally deliver communications composition via via a Rest API (create source only) or a more traditional email or print channel.