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Level 4
Status: New

It will be good to have a configuration setting to avoid runtime resources to look for a connection when they are offline. Currently in Control room these runtime resources shows as "Missing" status when the BOT machine is shutdown or offline for some reason.
We are planning to implement a cloud based solution for Blue prism bots to start machine and stop machines automatically. When the machine stops, the relevant runtime resource shows as "Missing". It may help if we have a configuration setting to stop runtime resource to look for a connection in this scenario.

Level 3
Missing status can be eradicated if you have a custom shutdown script, if you close the listener gracefully it will go to offline instead of missing.

Hope that helps
Level 4
Thank you. we tried that option to shutdown the machine using a shutdown script. But it was showing missing status only. Could you provide more info on how you shutdown it gracefully.