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Status: Duplicate
In our Decipher implementation, we have different use cases - some of these need class verification enabled and some do not. Currently, enabling/ disabling class verification will allow/ skip class verify for all of the batch types. Please enable new setting in batch type settings as Automatically skip Class Verify”. 
Yes,  there is a difference between classification and class verification. Currently disable Classification for a given batch type, doesn’t disable Class Verification for it - the user still needs to “verify” the document types. 
Add and enable the new feature “Automatically skip Class Verify” in the batch type settings will make batches go straight to data capture even if Class Verify enabled. Great idea for a new feature!
Community Team
Community Team
Hi Isha, Thank you so much for submitting your idea. 
The internal team have reviewed your idea and agreed that it's a good idea. As such, I've marked your idea as Reviewed while it gets routed through internally to be scored. 
Please check back for updates as it progresses through the ideation journey. 
Many thanks,