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Level 6
Status: Delivered

​It would be very useful to classify or to filter Environment Variables for example by processes because to handle lot of process and lot of Environment Variables very difficult.

Level 2
Agree if we have such feature it would be great for maintainace.

in our case we've configured  all the variable in excel file and only one environment variable we have defined configuration file (excel) as environment variable
Community Team (Retired)

Hi Péter,

Thanks so much for submitting your idea! We are moving it into the Under Consideration status while we route the idea through our internal review process. 

We will update you as your idea moves along the lifecycle.

Thank you!


Level 14
It would also be good if this were included in the Multi-Team Environments feature so that access can be restricted based on User Role to each set of environment variables.
Level 4
This really needs adding. It's basic usability.
Not only for environment variables but for credentials as well. Groping these elements should let admin assign different rights in the same way we are doing in processes and objects (LAM).
Level 7

@Amy Tsaousi

Idea Search functionality in Environment Variable Section at Idea Details - Blue Prism Community Site was marked as a duplicate of this idea. I don't think that this is right. In my whole opinion both ideas can be combined and implemented in one step. But searching is different from grouping & filtering. That said: Please don't forget to include a search function if you plan to implement this idea. 😉
Thanks in advance & best regards

Level 4

It is indeed a need that is becoming essential, has BluePrism communicated on this feature since 2020 ?
Level 15

NOTE:  there is another idea with a different name related to adding a collection to environment variables that is actually the exact same change request.  That other Idea has an additional 66 votes.

I can also say this has been one of the most requested feature changes in the product for many years,  long before this idea portal existed.  

This has by far the most votes of any idea requested by users,  it is not a massive change (groups were added to most other listviews in the product a 3 or 4 years back), and without this the Environment Variables feature becomes almost impossible to use for big licence customers with 100's of variables.



We’re aware this has a huge number of votes.  I’m changing the status to Planned – Later on the basis that we are developing this capability within our browser-based interfaces.

In addition, Blue Prism 7.2 includes:

  • Environment Variables API – Setup and manage environment variables, enabling the capability to move data between environments. Enables IT systems to notify the digital workforce that external systems are not available to automate; and provides the capability to search and filter the environment data.

Kind regards

Chris Strong

SS&C Blue Prism Product Manager


I've closed a duplicate idea: Create Folder to Group Environment Variables

Chris Strong
SS&C Blue Prism Product Manager