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Status: Planned
Give form designers more options how to structure the fields in the forms not only in sequential manner but for example in columns. Just to have better flexibility how the form elements are positioned and structured on the page to meet the user experience expectations.
Community Team (Retired)
Hi Zdeněk,

Thanks so much for your idea! I'm happy to report that your idea has been accepted and is planned for release in a future version of Interact. As a result, I've marked this idea as Planned. I will keep you updated here about release dates and timelines as we learn more.

Thank you,
Hi, Melanie,

wow, I really appreciate it! I hope that the future is not too far away :).


Hi Zdeněk,

Thanks again for your patience. And again, apologies, that you haven't seen much of an update regarding your suggestion since last year.

The great news is that we do indeed plan on implementing a feature that would allow you to change the form layout through the ability to create multiple columns. This is tentatively proposed to be delivered in V4.7 in Q2. Please see searching the page for Customization improvements allowing for better visual experience and organization brand alignment.

Please contact me by email ( if you would like me to share with you some very early concept art.

Best Regards,