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Level 5
Status: New
It would be helpful to be able to see the Calendar view of the Scheduler by a particular worker or workers.  Currently, it doesn't appear that there is any way adjust the settings to easily identify which workers have availability.

Hello Jenna,

Interesting suggestion and a problem to solve, thank you.

Re: Easily identify which workers have availability

It’s easy to know what each Digital Worker is doing right now; Blue Prism knows this because each worker continuously reports its status back and this status is readily available.


However, the challenge comes from predicting which workers will be available / used in the future.  Schedules provide lots of flexibility, specifically, for the scheduled triggered by a clock, Blue Prism knows when the first task is expected to start, what Blue Prism doesn’t know is how long the first task will take and which route through the schedule workflow subsequent tasks will take.  Therefore, it’s difficult to accurately predict for each Digital Workers allocated to schedule, when they will all be doing and when.


So, I’ve added this comment here to seek ideas from the community to solve this from you and the rest of the Blue Prism community.


Kind regards

Chris Strong

Blue Prism Product Manager

Level 5
Thanks for the additional information Chris.  Could the average time (shown on the dashboard) somehow be utilized for what you are speaking of?  

In general, I am really just hoping to be able to see a high level view of when things are starting, by worker so that I can visualize gauge when I'm able to schedule other processes.  I have a rough idea of how long the processes should / will take.   I just wanted to add a little more clarification to where the idea came from.