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Status: New
Can there be an update on the link tool that can understand that when we have 'link' active but we try to select items that can't have links from them that it defaults to moving it instead? Very annoying to have to constantly select and deselect pointer/link for a function that doesn't work on the stage I'm interacting with to begin with. 

Other stages similar idea,
Blocks - should default to pointer behaviour
collection - same as data item

Level 12
Toggle between F2 and F3, a small arrow should be attached to the cursor when you're in F3=Link-mode. You can find more shortcuts under the Tools pulldown.
i know the shortcuts, theyre handy alright but why should I have to remember them when for interacting with stager where it shouldn't matter? i have a lot of other things on mind when coding a project, the appropriate cursor type (when it doesn't matter) shouldn't be one of them.