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👉We need your help!!

We are working hard to update our university content and user experience and we need feedback from our wonderful community to make it even better! If you have taken two or more of our courses, we need you to fill in our survey and tell us about your...

Resolved! Foundation Training - Section 4

Hi All, I am currently at Section 4 in the Foundation Training package, but I seem to have an issue. The exercise instructs to open the End Stage properties and add an Output in the "Get Value From" field, however I only have "Store In", so it is giv...

Learning another RPA tools

Hello everyone, As a UiPath Developer with approximately five years of experience, I'm eager to broaden my expertise by delving into another robust RPA tool. After thorough research and consideration, I've decided to explore Blue Prism. At the moment...

A Few foundations questions part 2

I am still having this issue where I am not able to view things properly in blueprism and after changes I tried it still looks like the below picture in multiple instances.I have a better understanding about the data staying in the processes and the ...

33322.png 33323.png 33324.png 33325.png

A few foundations questions

Hello all,  I have several questions I was trying to get resolved as I am going through this last project for the "foundations" part of learning blue prism. One issue is that I don't see anywhere to change the settings but the height is never correct...