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Have you heard? Blue Prism certified developers are in the top 16% of earners.

By Ana Howes posted 01-19-2022 11:06


That’s right. Certification Magazine released its 2022 salary report and Blue Prism’s Developer Certification came in 57 out of 900 certifications. The top 75 list was drawn from certifications held by the largest number of respondents to the survey and then ranked by salary. 


Respondents also mentioned our Blue Prism Technical Architect Exam as their next certification to achieve!


If you are not yet certified, have no fear! Blue Prism University can get you on the path to certification quickly. You can begin by enrolling in our free Associate Developer Learning Plan. This is the perfect place to start if you are an entry-level user who wants to gain knowledge on how to build a simple Blue Prism process.


The next step is the Developer Learning Plan—a set of free training courses that cover a wide range of helpful and relevant topics for Blue Prism Developers. Topics include debugging, exception handling, process flow, and control room usage.


What are you waiting for? Explore these and other certification opportunities with Blue Prism University and join our learning community today!


About Blue Prism University


Oh, by the way! Have you completed our Blue Prism University survey?



12-21-2023 04:22

Hello All , I am planning to give my AD01 examination in the coming weeks . Can anyone share your exam experience post syllabus change  ???

02-02-2022 09:59


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