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Meet your friends at SS&C Blue Prism!

By Grace Lanser posted 08-01-2022 09:45


Meet your friends at SS&C Blue Prism!

When I joined the Community team six months ago so many of you were on hand to welcome me. For International Friendship Day I’m returning the favour and introducing you to the people who work with me at SS&C Blue Prism.  

I’ve asked employees to answer some questions to introduce themselves to the Community, and I excited to share their answers with you:  

The first employee I’m introducing is James Mclintock, Manager, Transformation & Automation Program Lead. Like me, James comes into our regularly London office and he is part of the team the looks after the Communities digital workers!

How long have you worked at SS&C Blue Prism:  
‘I have worked at Blue Prism now for just over 4 years.’  
Which department do you work in:  
'I work in our Internal RPA Team leading the program to deploy Intelligent Automation across SS&C.’  
What is the best part of your job?  
‘The best part of my job is being able to enable, educate, and empower people to use Intelligent Automation and a Digital Workforce to its fullest capability to improve their overall wellbeing at work. The feeling of taking someone through the change journey, of being scared and confused by automation to realizing its full potential is captivating. From removing worries about organisation and deadlines in jobs where creativity should be the focus to allowing legal professionals the opportunity to push the boundaries of their work, it’s what motivates me. My goal is that in the future, someone’s work is dedicated to demonstrating the capabilities that bring them the most purpose, autonomy, and mastery at work; where all the boring bureaucracy of an organization is a distant memory.’  

What do you think about James’s favourite part of his job? Is this something you can also relate to as passionate Blue Prism users? Let us know in the comments!  

The next answers are coming from the Head of Customer Support in the Americas, Mohammed Ali. 

How long have you worked at SS&C Blue Prism:  
‘5 years, 6 months and counting.’  
 Which department do you work in:  
‘Global Customer Support.’  
 Is there anything fun your team does together as a social activity?  
‘Weekly Game Hour where we play Jackbox games virtually. Optional Daily Morning Meeting (30-mins) where non-work related items are discussed.  Hobbies, gaming, sports, movies, etc. Quarterly Team Building activities with a virtual lunch.’  
 What is the best part of your job?  
'My team!  Every single member of the team is equally valuable and bring a unique skillset to the table to help our customers with product related issues.  We have more of a partnership culture rather than employee/employer relationship.’  
Anything else you would like to add about working at SS&C Blue Prism?  
‘I love working at this company due to the great people and the technology.  Prior to joining Blue Prism, I had no idea what RPA was, but today I don't see an enterprise be able to transform the way they work without it.’  

What do you think of the activities Mohammed does with his team? Do you organise something similar for your team? Let us know!  

Staying in the Support team, I also herd from Senior Support Engineer Steve Boggs. Steve may already be familiar to you as he is very active in our Community!  

 How long have you worked at SS&C Blue Prism:  
'Almost 5 years, since December of 2017.’  
 Which department do you work in:  
‘Global Product Support in the Americas region.’  
Is there anything fun your team does together as a social activity?  
‘We have semi-regular online teambuilding events with trivia where lunch is provided, as well as a weekly game hour where our Americas Support team can take a break and blow off steam by playing games together. Our Austin-based team has recently started getting together in person once a month for happy-hours, potlucks, and barbeque meetups.’  
 What is the best part of your job?  
‘I enjoy learning more about automation products and how our customers use them every day at work, addressing inquiries and solving problems using this knowledge, and helping our customers to be successful with Blue Prism.’  

 If Steve has helped you out in the Community why not let him know and give him a shout out in the comments!  

Heading back to the UK, our Global Head of ROM Emma Kirby-Kidd gave us an insight into her work life: 

 How long have you worked at SS&C Blue Prism: 
‘I have work for SS&C Blue Prism for 3 years and have loved every moment. Before that I was a customer of BP and knew my next step in my career had to be at BP.’ 
Which department do you work in: 
‘I currently work as Global Head of ROM in the Advisory team. My role is to own and adapt our world class process methodology which supports our products and customer delivery.’ 
 Is there anything fun your team does together as a social activity? 
‘We are a new team, so we have yet to get together in person!! We are getting together in the US soon so I suspect we will be getting to know each other better and socialising soon.’ 
 What is the best part of your job? 
‘Where do I start?? I loved working with customers in my last role and through that work my passion for the ROM became my main driver/skill. When the opportunity came up to update the ROM to enable customers to scale their Intelligent Automation capabilities, I knew this was the right place for me. I enjoy putting my creative side to use and develop our ‘New World ROM’ that enables customers at all levels of maturity.’ 

Did you know that the global head of ROM started out a Blue Prism customer? There are many SS&C Blue Prism employee who start out as customers!

The final employee you are hearing from is actually my boss, Paul Taylor who is our Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at SS&C Blue Prism and is a well know face in our London office! 

How long have you worked at SS&C Blue Prism: 
‘Just over two years’ 
 Which department do you work in: 
 Is there anything fun your team does together as a social activity? 
‘We love to eat pasta, and cake!’ 
 What is the best part of your job? 
Connecting what we do, with our customers, and watching them use our technology to make a tangible difference to their customers. And helping my team move on and up!’ 

Paul mentioned our love of tasty treats. Did you know we have cake Tuesdays in our office? Did you do anything like this in your office?

Thank you to all the employees who have contributed to this blog if you missed any of their names of titles here they are again: 

James Mclintock,
, Transformation & Automation Program Lead. 
Mohammed Ali, Head of Customer Support (Americas) 
Steve Boggs, Senior Support Engineer 
Emma Kirby-Kidd, Global Head of ROM 
Paul Taylor, CMO 

Do you have anything in common with our employees? If you do let us know in the comment! 




08-02-2022 07:35

and thanks to you @Grace Lanser for this. Community would not be knowing these names if you did not start this.​

08-02-2022 07:33

Awesome stuff. I really liked reading this blog. apart from Steve Boggs and mohammed ali , other names are new to me so its good to know their role and the fun activity.

Have seen lots of response from Steve on community , would like to see more engagement from Blue prism team.

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