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What's New: Customer Newsletter: June

By Grace Lanser posted 06-30-2023 09:51


Step into June, the midpoint of 2023! It's time to celebrate your accomplishments, learn from challenges and redefine the rest of your 2023 path.

June: the month of festivals, where vibrant colors, lively music and joyful celebrations paint the world in a kaleidoscope of cultural expressions.

Here's what you can expect:

 ❢ An opportunity to shape the future of SS&C Blue Prism

Showcases from some of our most innovative clients

Chances to mingle with fellow RPA community members

... and more!

Do you want to know how Thames Valley Police released 390,000 hours worth of police time and put 90 police officers back on the street?

It's no secret that the challenges and complexity facing U.K. Policing are rising. From shrinking budgets to new and emerging forms of crime, Forces across the U.K. have to do more with the same or fewer resources. Thames Valley Police turned to their SS&C Blue Prism digital workforce and demonstrated how technology can quickly and cost-effectively provide solutions.




Thinking about the Cloud?

Improve your workforce

Discover the 5 things your on-prem installation can’t do and hear from SS&C Blue Prism customers. Learn how to boost productivity and maximize results with your digital workforce.


Shape the future of intelligent automation!

Sign up and you'll be invited to share your experience and feedback in discussions, workshops and early access programs, and answer questions in polls, surveys and interviews. This means you'll be better equipped to improve how you implement automation in your organization.

Find out more and join the Product Research Program today!

Our Community's Top Tips for Beginners

Each month, we ask our Community to share their top tips on different topics that intelligent automation beginners will find really useful. We've collated all of their practical advice into a single place, and we'll be adding to it as more tips are shared.

> Dive in and explore, or pay it forward with your own advice for beginners.

Please join us in celebrating our remarkable Member of the Month, Tejaskumar! Read the blog to hear Tejaskumar's feelings on AI, where the automation industry is going and much more!

> Celebrate Our Customer Of The Month


AI & automation: the real tips from real CEOs

Keeping humans at the center of AI

3 capabilities and pitfalls of ChatGPT for IT leaders

Learn how CEOs used automation to keep operational costs down. How companies are adapting: keeping humans at the center while using automation. ChatGPT AI capabilities are impressive, but can IT leaders use ChatGPT effectively?


H&R Block

H&R Block has helped millions of Americans easily navigate and file their income tax returns. The extreme seasonality of the tax industry presents challenges to hire, train and support critical back-office operations that make a tax-season possible. Find out how H&R Block leveraged INVOKE’s fully managed ARIA Cloud solution and the powerful combination of intelligent automation running in an AWS environment to help meet capacity needs when workloads spike.

> Learn More

Cost-to-Serve benefits

AI in higher education

BPM & RPA are better together

Unlock the secrets of Cost to Serve at our 'Lunch and Learn' session. Learn how to calculate, optimize and reap the benefits.

Discover the Art of the Possible with Intelligent Automation in Higher Education with AWS and Deloitte

Learn how BPM and RPA differ and how they can elevate your ability to transform business processes.

What: On-Demand Webinar

> Watch Now

What: July 26, 10:00 AM ET

> Register Now

What: July 6, 11am BST

> Learn More


Introducing the SS&C Blue Prism Robotic Operating Model (ROM) Strategy Learning Plan!

Build a robust strategy and governance framework for your intelligent automation program with our comprehensive learning plan. Enroll today and embrace a transformative journey toward intelligent automation excellence. Together, we'll build a future where humans and digital workers thrive in harmony.

> Find out more 


As the banking industry continues to evolve digitally, it’s no surprise businesses are changing course. Join our webinar to learn how to improve customer and employee experiences by tying automation and business value together within the banking industry.

Join our webinar July 13 | 9 a.m. EST

Register Now

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