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This community covers the Blue Prism Robotic Operating Model (ROM®)

What's Hub Doc?

By Naomi Graham posted 01-27-2023 11:00


Hi everyone! Welcome to the brand-new ROM Hub, home to all things ROM – Here, you will find everything you need related to Rom, including whitepapers, templates, blogs, and much more 😊 

I’m Ni (Naomi), the Hubs administrator. My job is to ensure the Hub is regularly updated, stays relevant, has everything you need, and encourages engagement (we want to hear from you!).  

If you need help finding information or, even better, want to contribute, please feel free to send me a message at, and I will do my best to help! 

We are so excited for everyone to finally see Hub, so thank you for being here and getting involved! 

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All new ROM2 & Maturity Model, check it out - ROM2 & Maturity Model 

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Advisory Project Co-ordinator & Hub Gatekeeper 😊 


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Welcome to the home of ROM™2 the place where you can find all ROM™2 related content, templates, blogs and conversations.

If you are new to ROM™2 then let us tell you a little about our industry leading and customer centric Methodology...

Born out of our original ROM™ (the Robotic Operating Model) which was built for customers with their help has served us well for the last 15 years, ROM™2 has been created to take us into the next step of the journey using Intelligent Automation and to enable a pathway of growth.

ROM™ Hub has been created to enable anyone who is using our products or is part of the SS&C Blue Prism team or Partners a place to find all ROM™2 information. Here is an overview of the tabs and what they can offer you

  • ROM2 & Maturity Model On this page we will explore the 5 foundations of ROM™2, the topics for each foundation and the Maturity Model. We will guide you through what is needed for each foundation and how you can create a pathway of growth using ROM™2 and the Maturity Model.
    This content is under review and will be updated in due course.
  • Content library Here you will find all articles, white papers, presentations, podcasts and webinars relating to ROM. We have made it easy for you to find the relevant material to suit you, just type in what you’re looking for into the search bar and all tagged material will be available for you
  • Blogs All new ROM Blogs will now be posted here. See what others have to say about how Intelligent Automation has transformed the way they work or look out for interesting changes in the industry in our blog series. If you are interested in providing a submission you can contact us here –
  • Community Come chat and share experiences with other SS&C Blue Prism users. Our award winning community has proved to be a great place for customer, partners and internal teams to collaborate, share best practice and support each other in their journeys using our portfolio of products, This area is specifically aimed at just the ROM methodology but you can find communities relating to all SS&C Blue Prism topics.
For anything relating to ROM Hub please drop us an email at: