Community Upgrade: What’s New and What’s Improved!

We've made some changes to our Community site. Here's what's happening...

Community Team
Community Team

Welcome to our new-look community website!

Here’s a quick tour of the recent changes to our community platform. We’ll equip you with all the necessary information for a smooth transition, and by the end of this blog, you'll understand what's changed, what stays constant, and how to make the most of our enhanced community.

What's Stayed the Same?

All the fundamental aspects of our community remain unchanged these include:

  • It’s still a space for sharing advice, asking questions, and talking about all things RPA and IA.
  • All your valuable content is still intact, ensuring that your contributions and interactions within the community are preserved.
  • Additionally, the login process stays unchanged, allowing you to access the community seamlessly as before.

What Has Changed?

We've implemented several improvements to make you time on the site better:

  • The most notable change you'll see is the consolidation of our support forums into one central location. This streamlined approach aims to simplify navigation and foster greater collaboration among our community members.
  • You might also see differences in the site's appearance, including redesigned badges. Rest assured, all your badges and achievements are kept, but we’re continuing to add new ones!
  • We have introduced a brand-new product association feature. This brings together blogs, threads, events, and ideas by the relevant product, allowing you to discover all community content associated with it! This enhancement empowers you to find relevant information efficiently and filter content according to your needs.

Important Resources:

For further details about the migration and helpful guides, we've compiled a list of essential resources:

  • Explore the Community Discover our Community guides to navigate our new platform effortlessly.
  • Contributing  Learn more about badges and other ways to contribute to the community through our Contribution Guides.
  • Profile FAQ Need to make changes to your profile or resubscribe to content? Check out our Community Profile Guides section for help.

We Are Here to Help!

We're excited to share our new community platform and strive to make this transition a positive experience for all members. So, your feedback is invaluable to us, please share any feedback you have that help us improve our community in this update thread. And if you simply want to say hello and connect with fellow members, join our Welcome Space

See you on the community!

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