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Need to Upgrade from Internet Explorer? Consider a Conversion Tool from the DX!

By Paul Nerger posted 04-04-2022 01:00


Every Web browser renders a web page differently, but none is more different than Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.   On May 19, 2021, Microsoft announced the end-of-life of its Internet Explorer (IE) browser, and it will no longer be supported come June 15, 2022. Microsoft has suggested that IE users switch to the more industry-standard Microsoft Edge browser. Microsoft Edge, based upon WebKit, is much more consistent with Google Chrome, Apple Safari, and Firefox. 

I’ve been using Microsoft Edge as my primary browser for over a year now, and it is excellent. I run it on my Windows machine, iPad, and iPhone, and it has displaced Google Chrome as my go-to browser. It’s 100% compatible with the Chrome plug-ins I use and have built. So, if you’re an IE browser user, I strongly recommend Edge, although I also like Chrome a lot. 

That’s fine for personal browsing, but what about the Blue Prism Intelligent Automations you’ve built upon IE? What’s a Blue Prism CoE to do about that? There is some good news; you have options. Bruce Liu, one very clever Blue Prism Professional Services Consultant in Australia, has built a couple of tools to give you these options. And both options are available for download on the Blue Prism Digital Exchange (DX). 

The first is the newest and is the IE Mode Conversion Assistant. Microsoft has provided a special mode in Edge called the IE Mode. It was designed to quickly convert existing Internet Explorer (IE) based objects into ones that will work in Microsoft Edge’s IE Mode.   It’s a great option if you are limited in either time or resources to perform a complete upgrade. You can learn more about the tool by clicking the DX link above. 

The second is the Application Modeller Conversion Tool. This well-established, five-star rated tool will help you upgrade your IE-based Blue Prism Automations to run on modern alternatives, such as Edge, Chrome, or Firefox. Using the tool will save you from manually re-spying or editing elements and attributes by performing these updates in batches.  

Regardless of which tool you use, you’ll save time even if you tweak your converted object after the conversion. You’ll also get the bonus of consistency across all your converted objects by applying the same conversion rules. Again, you can learn more about this tool by clicking on the DX link above. 

So if you need to move your Blue Prism Automations from IE, check out the IE Mode Conversion Assistant or the  Application Modeller Conversion Tool on the Blue Prism Digital Exchange.   

Remember, “DX before you DIY!” 


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