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  • Latest Update on ROM Architect Certification: The ARA01 exam will be retired at the end of 2020. Blue Prism University is updating the ROM Architect Exam. With the latest changes to the ROM training course, we are replacing the existing ARA01 exam ...

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  • Hi Jose, We've taken a look at the self-tests setup and performed some user testing. Everything is working as expected. One thing which could be the cause of the problem for you is if you have not paged through all the pages in the test. For example, ...

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  • An Important Update on Blue Prism Training and Certification As the response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to evolve rapidly, authorities around the globe are responding to the situation with stricter measures that changes the landscape in ...

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  • Hi Beth, Thank you for the information & its very useful for everyone. Thanks Nilesh ------------------------------ Nilesh Jadhav Senior RPA Specialist ------------------------------

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  • I am glad I could spent two days on something that already exists -_- Don't know how I was not able to find this before. BUT! Since I wanted to create general Action for creating Pivot Table, here is my solution (big thanks goes to sahil_raina_91 on ...






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