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 Add MIP specific headers to MailMessage

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philippe boutry posted 01-24-2023 15:23
Hi everyone, 

I have an issue and will be grateful to get your advice. 

I use office 365 and i 'm preparing the bots for the Microsoft Information Protection feature. This feature has already been turned on for some test workstations only.
Now when i send a mail using outlook, i get a popup and i must choose a label (like internal, private, and so on)

I manage to add some lines of code (see below) to the standard outlook VBO and this almost works.
- i send a mail with the VBO and the label selection popup appears ==> not working  
- If i open outlook and send a mail manually and then i send a mail with the VBO ==> It works

I always must send one mail by manually selecting the label. Then i can send a mail with any label using the VBO without popup.

Best regards.

Added in "Send Email" action 

Set the 'Headers_AIP' input 
"MSIP_Label_" & [Label GUID] & "_Enabled=True; " &
"MSIP_Label_" & [Label GUID] & "_SetDate=" & Now() & "; " &
"MSIP_Label_" & [Label GUID] & "_Method=Privileged; " &
"MSIP_Label_" & [Label GUID] & "_Name=" & [Label Name] & "; " &
"MSIP_Label_" & [Label GUID] & "_SiteId=" & [SiteID GUID]

add Headers_AIP as new input in the code stage. 

Dim oPA = mail.PropertyAccessor
oPA.SetProperty ("{00020386-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}/MSIP_Labels/0x0000001F", Headers_AIP)
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Luis Lopez
In the DX Channel (link here) is a VBO for this new feature.  This VBO is a community supported.

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philippe boutry
Hello Luis and thanks for your answer, 

Based on my understanding this VBO is able to handle label on files only. Does not work in my case.