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 Checking the downloading status of very large SAP reports

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Kathrin M posted 11-29-2023 10:20


I am working on a process that involves exporting a finished background job in SAP as .txt. The problem: The reports that BP should download take hours to download and export due to the huge amount of data behind it.

Once BP clicks on Save/Create file in SAP, SAP is stuck in the loading screen. The status is visible on the bottom, for example "Transferring package 1 of 5" or when finished "File XYZ was saved under path ABC". 

Due to the long wait time, I planned to create a loop that regularly checks this status bar of SAP.  However, BP is stuck on the "Save / Create file" stage until SAP is finished with downloading the file.

I already tried what was suggested in another thread, choosing external mode in the Application Modeller. ("By this way, if the application which you want to manipulate get freeze, it will not cause blue prism freeze and after the timeout blue prism will throw the exception.). 

But even with this way, BP is "stuck" on the stage until the download is finished and I cannot run a parallel loop. 

The time out setting in the Application Modeller also does not seem applicable, as the jobs have different run times for the download (spanning from minutes to up to 16 hours with the largest reports).

Any ideas and help is much welcome!

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Shashank Kumar

There are some suggestions provided in this old thread to resolve the same issue