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 Unable to fetch list item from SAP tree structure

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Shihab Shihab posted 11-09-2023 13:38

Have you worked with SAP Treeview? I have a use case where I need to count list items from the tree and click on each item individually to get a specific value. List Item is dynamic and could be changed based on the month. I tried to spy the individual items in the tree structure. Unfortunately, the Blue Prism SAP mode identified the entire tree view. I used read stage to count the whole list items and read the item name. It did not work. It could only read the item that was selected by me manually. Has anyone worked with this before? Or does anyone have any ideas?

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Steve Boggs

Hi Shihab,

We have a Knowledge Base article called "How to work with an SAP Tree View element" that may help with this. Have you reviewed this as a first step and implemented the suggestions?