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 Updating an element in a Collection - getting "Can't access collection - out of scope

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Ian Meldrum posted 11-29-2023 13:17

Afternoon everyone

I think I may be missing something obvious here, but I am in a loop working through a [Patients] collection and need to change an element/item in that collection to show what new info has been found.

I have checked that the field exists, and it does:

I have also read the contents (original status) and build a new data item for what will be (Current Status)

But when I try the 3rd step above, I get  this error:

Things I have checked so far:

  1. I have given the collection a new name so that it is unique within the process i.e. not [Data]
  2. I have made the collection visible across all of the pages
  3. Saving and closing Blue Prism to have a fresh, clean instance when stepping through the automation

I think it may be that it doesn't like doing Collection manipulation at the Process Studio level - I have found this to be the case with some of the EXCEL VBOs that only work properly when run at the biz object level. But I really want to avoid having to build an object just to run another object.

What else can I try and what have a missed/forgotten to do?

Many thx


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Micheal Charron Best Answer

@Ian Meldrum

Don't put square brackets in the "Store In" column. The multi-calc can only store data into a Data Item or Collection so it doesn't need the square brackets to distinguish it as so.

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Ian Meldrum

Thanks Michael, I also needed to not have any quotes