Beyond Recognition: The Essence of Being a Four-Time Blue Prism MVP


Beyond Recognition: The Essence of Being a Four-Time SS&C Blue Prism MVP

After seven years with SS&C Blue Prism, my journey goes beyond just automation and technical skills. Being a Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for four years in a row has not only confirmed my dedication but has also given me a deep understanding of what it really means to be an MVP.

The Deeper Layers of the MVP Journey

Being an MVP is not just about mastering SS&C Blue Prism solutions; it's a commitment to continuous learning, knowledge sharing and actively contributing to the community’s growth. The journey unfolds layers of personal and professional development, fostering a deep sense of belonging within the vibrant ecosystem of automation enthusiasts.

Elevated Recognition and Opportunities

The MVP title grabs attention, not just within the community but also in the wider industry. It brings exclusive opportunities like working with industry leaders and attending important events. This title shows a commitment to excellence and positions people as thought leaders in the fast-changing world of robotic process automation (RPA).

Community Impact and Mentorship

Being an MVP isn't a solo effort; it's a chance to bring positive change to the community. Mentorship is a natural part of this, where experienced MVPs guide newcomers and promote a culture of always getting better.

Why Aspiring MVPs Should Strive for the Title

  • Professional growth: The MVP journey is synonymous with ongoing learning and professional development. One of the hallmarks of being an MVP is the unique access to SS&C Blue Prism's internal teams and resources. This direct line of communication ensures that MVPs are not only informed about the latest updates and advancements but also have a voice in shaping the future direction of the SS&C Blue Prism platform.
  • Networking opportunities: The MVP title unlocks a network of like-minded professionals, industry experts and SS&C Blue Prism enthusiasts. This expansive network serves as a valuable resource for collaboration, knowledge exchange, and potential career advancements. Through various initiatives such as webinars, workshops and conferences, MVPs are empowered to share their knowledge, best practices and real-world experiences with a broader audience.
  • Visibility and recognition: For professionals seeking recognition for their expertise, becoming an MVP is a powerful way to stand out. The title brings visibility within the community and beyond, opening doors to exciting career opportunities and collaborations. In acknowledging the exceptional contributions of its MVPs, SS&C Blue Prism also provides various perks and recognition. From exclusive badges and certifications to personalized swag, the team ensures that MVPs feel appreciated and celebrated for their ongoing commitment to the community. This recognition not only motivates existing MVPs but also serves as an inspiration for others within the community to strive for excellence and make meaningful contributions.

My Journey, Community Bonds, Charlotte Kennett's Impact and Collaboration With Michael

My journey into the vibrant SS&C Blue Prism community started with Charlotte. She guided me through various aspects of the community and highlighted its importance. The calls and discussions with her have not only shaped the community but also showcased the collaborative spirit defining the MVP experience (although I miss our calls, I'm sure she doesn't! 😂)


The evolving landscape then led me to work alongside Michael. His enthusiasm and commitment align with the essence of the community, and together, we're finding ways to enhance the MVP experience and contribute to the community's ongoing growth. It's amazing to always talk with you, brother, learning a lot from you on every call. Your insights add immense value to our collaborative efforts, making our partnership in this journey truly enriching.


The Emotional Connection

The MVP title is not just a badge; it's a reflection of the emotional connection I’ve forged with SS&C Blue Prism over the years. It embodies the joy of overcoming challenges, the thrill of pushing technological boundaries and the fulfillment from sharing knowledge with a community that shares the same passion.


The Win-Win Scenario

Being a four-time SS&C Blue Prism MVP is not just a personal achievement. It's an investment in the collective success of the community. The journey offers a unique blend of personal and professional growth, presenting a win-win scenario where individuals thrive and the SS&C Blue Prism community flourishes.

Aspiring MVPs are not only contributing to their own success but actively shaping the future of automation for the benefit of all.