Can You Help Me Build a Library?

Community Team
Community Team
Can you believe it? It’s been almost a year since I joined SS&C Blue Prism and became a member of this incredible community. It feels like I’ve found a home in our shared space. To me, that’s a testament to how welcoming, kind and generous this community is with their knowledge. We thrive on our love for automation, for the problems we solve together and for our positive ‘can do’ attitudes. I couldn’t be prouder to be among all of you.  

Back in February 2023, I asked our MVPs, “What’s one thing that you wish existed?”. The feedback was unanimous: We need to talk more about use cases. So, that’s what we’re doing with our Community Blueprints. 









The tricky thing with use cases is that you can never completely prescribe a copy-and-paste-able approach to an automation. Every organization is unique in the way it structures, stores and processes information – and every stack of tools those organizations use differs too. So, how do we talk about use cases in a way that’s useful, inspiring and encourages conversation about how to solve problems with automation? We decided on three things: 
  1. We need a space for conversation about automation use cases.
  2. We can’t presume to offer a solution for any given automation use case.
  3. But we can showcase how others have solved that use case in their own world and use that as a starting point for inspiration and implementation. 
And so, we got to work on creating community Blueprints – a space to showcase automation projects that have been delivered already and discuss how to adapt them for your own organization.  
Blueprints is incredibly important for this community, and my aim is to make it a central part of the things we discuss here. I want us to create an entire library of automation inspiration together, and for this library to be a place where you can come to kick-start any project you’re about to tackle.  
We also want you to see how others have done it; learn from their lessons, ask them about your challenges and build on their success.  

Blueprints is open to you now. Five pioneering community members have already contributed – go and ask them about their work: 


Go and read these. In each Blueprint, you’ll find:  

  • Details of the problem the project needed to solve. 
  • How the solution was designed and implemented. 
  • The major challenges the team faced and their solutions. 
  • Lessons the team would share with anyone thinking about deploying a similar use case in the future. 




But here’s the kicker: A library needs books, and people brave enough to write them. I need you to help me build this.  

Creating a Blueprint of your own takes around 15 minutes. You’ll need an example of any automation project you’ve delivered, and complete some questions on a form. You can even choose to create a Blueprint anonymously if you would prefer not to have your name next to it. 🤫 
Once you submit, you’ll earn the Blueprints Debut badge for your profile, and if you’re hopeful of becoming an MVP next year this is a really great way to get on the radar. Popular Blueprint authors also get opportunities to take part in further promotional activity with us, too: videos, case studies, awards, swag and more.  
More than anything else, you’ll be doing the thing that our community thrives on: showing a love for automation, solving problems together and helping each other succeed.  


Thanks for reading, and especially thanks to our first five Blueprints pioneers! Have a wonderful end of year; I hope you get time to rest, relax and refocus. Get it while you can. Next year is going to be astronomical. 
Have a great week,