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Community Team
Community Team
Hello all, I hope you had an enjoyable holiday break and a happy new year. One thing I enjoy doing at the end of the year is looking back to see all the wonderful ideas submitted, reviewed and delivered. This shows us how amazing you are at providing valuable feedback and your passion for shaping SS&C Blue Prism products to be the best in the market. As such, I’d like to share some outstanding statistics from 2023 as well as our plans and ideas for 2024.  

Ideas in 2023

Last year we collectively: 

  • Delivered 51 ideas.
  • Reviewed 404 ideas. Some of those ideas changed status multiple times as they progressed through the ideation journey.
  • Shared 259 ideas. Of those ideas, 168 were reviewed and 8 were delivered in this year’s releases.  

Why Is it Important for You to Share Your Feedback via Our Ideas Portal? 

 There are so many ways in which the ideas process has improved everyone’s user experience of SS&C Blue Prism software. Here are our favorite examples from 2023 and why they’re important. 

Relevant product enhancements

Getting involved in the ideation and co-creation processes ensures that the products or services we develop align closely with customer needs and preferences. We gain real insights into challenges; by addressing these, we can improve our products. 
Users have been asking for a 64-bit process for a while. Due to having to prioritize other enhancements, we couldn’t deliver it until the release of BPE 7.2. Now, it puts us in a position where we’re “truly 64-bit”, which benefits users in two ways: memory management and broader application integration. 

Better memory management

In previous versions of SS&C Blue Prism that weren’t 64-bit, there was an inherent limit to the amount of memory the software could use. This meant that customers who wanted to pass large amounts of data between processes had to redesign their automations. They had to split up this data into more manageable sizes so it could be handled in batches. There was also a higher likelihood of encountering out-of-memory exceptions because the way Windows devices manage memory can be a little less than sensible at times.

Broader application integration

Some modern applications don’t support interaction with 32-bit applications “out of the box”. For applications that fall into this category, users would have to find workarounds (like deploying 32-bit versions of modern software, which sometimes causes problems elsewhere in their environment) or just abandon automations that used those applications in general. 

Continuous improvement and innovation

Our Ideas portal provides a mechanism for continuous improvement and innovation. The ideas portal is viewed regularly by our staff, so we understand your needs, evolving market trends, and technological advancements. This ongoing feedback loop ensures that we remain agile and can adapt in response to changing circumstances. Omid Hosseinitabar, Senior Product Manager at SS&C Blue Prism says, "We take inspiration in how our customers use our capabilities for new use cases and have examples of how their out-of-the-box thinking has directly impacted our product strategy. The Community gives us a platform to speak directly with SS&C Blue Prism users and bounce ideas around!" 
HTML CV – add invert option provides the ability to invert all colors of an attachment, including annotations, to their opposites on the color wheel. Color inversion can improve contrast and legibility, such as when verifying signatures or handwritten in a scanned attachment. This helps persons with visual impairments and helps discern the content if it cannot be read without inverting.  

Empowerment and connection

Customer ideation and co-creation is also a tool to empower you as individuals to actively contribute to the development of the products you use. This collaborative approach strengthens the connection between us, the product development teams, and you, our customer. Evidence shows that this sense of empowerment and connection transforms customers into enthusiastic advocates who genuinely enjoy being part of the brand's journey and sharing their positive experiences with your network and peers. We’re delighted to be co-creating together. Adding Add Microsoft Graph API support for email capture and Oauth2 support for outbound email over SMTP ensures up-to-date security with the ability to configure SS&C | Blue Prism Capture to use Graph API protocol for mailbox access. As a third option to existing IMAP and POP3 protocols, the Graph API connection will support OAuth2.0 authentication. It provides clients with options based on their email needs.

What Does This Mean for 2024?  

As mentioned above, there are lots of benefits to getting involved in ideation at SS&C Blue Prism. With that said, I’m excited to share that this year we’re working on enhancing the ideation experience for both software users and our product managers. This means our product managers can bring your ideas into their product backlog and pipeline, and provide you with direct responses and instant updates when an idea has been commented, has changed status and is ultimately delivered.  
We’ll also review our internal processes to promote consistency in the idea development and, terminology across platforms and continue to refine and evolve categories and statuses for better clarity for all. 
While we work on those enhancements, we’d like to encourage everyone to continue sharing their feedback via the idea’s platform. Share your feedback by voting on ideas that already exist. Remember, when an idea reaches 15 votes, it will be put forward for review by our idea review panel.  
We hope you all continue to be part of this co-creation journey with us throughout 2024. Visit the Ideas portal today: Ideas portal