SS&C Blue Prism Customer Excellence Award Ceremony: Behind the scenes

Community Team
Community Team

Ever wondered what it is like to organise our Customer Excellence Awards?

With one week to go until our customer Excellence Award we are giving our community a behind the scenes look at the hard work that goes on to put on a seamless award ceremony!

@RitaC Customer Marketing Programs Manager and @Eloise Jeffrey Global Customer Marketing Manager have been working tirelessly to deliver the 2023 Customer Excellence Awards and have shared a little about what they have done, and what look forward to in the live event.

Rita Caruso, Customer Marketing Programs Manager

Rita is the newest addition to the the Customer Experience team, so we started by helping the community get to know Rita! We asked her to share with the community what a little about what she gets up to when she’s not organising one of the biggest events in our calendar.

‘I enjoy spending time with my family, walking in nature and cooking. I do enjoy baking bread and cakes, but I have to say that my favorite choice will always be tiramisu.
I also love listening to podcasts, especially true crime and history but I do enjoy general drama and news as well. I also like to watch series, big thumbs up for comedy!

Rita then shared with the community a sneak peek and what there is planned for the awards ceremony this year, and she’s bringing some added fun this year.

‘We are going to have a lot of fun. We are going to host a quiz with questions related to the industries but also a lot of live interactions. There is also a selfie contest, I am curious about the photo that the customers will post. If you are reading this, I will comment on everything as I really want to see your best pose! Last but not least, the Customer Excellence Awards Ceremony is a moment to celebrate our customers, and we hope to shine a light on our amazing customers!’

Finally, Rita shared what she is excited about in the live event.

‘I am going to be the moderator of the live chat event, and I am really excited about it. For me, it is a good chance to connect with the customers directly and in a friendly way. I cannot wait to celebrate all the winners and give them the well-deserved spotlight.

Neither can we, and I’m sure you are all looking forward to connecting with Rita too!


Now let’s here from the other half of this dynamic duo, Eloise Jeffrey.




Eloise Jeffrey, Global Customer Marketing Manager

Eloise has been part of SS&C Blue Prism for 5 years, making her one of the longest standing members of our Customer Experience team. She has shared with the us what she loves best about being part of the team. 

‘Coming from a campaigns and events background, I learned first-hand how import customers stories are to bring our value propositions to life. As I started to plan the next steps of my career, it became clear I wanted to be closer to these stories and to play a role in helping our customers share their experiences with the world. While I knew that would be rewarding from a business perspective, I couldn’t have imagined how fulfilling getting to work with customers day in, day out would be, and to learn about all the incredible ways they’re using our technology for good.’

As a team we always look for ways to improve the experience we give to customers, and the awards are a great opportunity for this. Eloise shared how she decided on this year’s categories to ensure they championed brilliance and innovation across the board.

When planning this year’s Awards, we took a conscious decision step back and reflect on what the last 12 months have held for our customers. We looked at the key themes in 2022’s entries, what’s going on in the industry, and what our customers have been most focused on. Using these findings, we crafted this year’s categories: each one telling its own story, with its own unique perspective on the role Intelligent Automation plays for organizations in 2023.’

Finally, Eloise finished by letting us in on what new things we can expect to see in this year's awards event.

‘This year, we’re stripping our Award ceremony back to basics. We’re toning down the glitz and glam and amping up the voices of our incredible customers and amazing judges. You can expect to see more customer cameos, more stories, and more highlights from our incredible community.’

What do you think? Let us know in the comments what you are most looking forward to in the live award ceremony! And make sure you register for the event so we know your coming! 👉Register here

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