SS&C Blue Prism Customer Excellence Awards 2024: The Winners

Celebrate with us the winners of the SS&C Blue Prism Customer Excellence Award 2024!mo-0228_COmmunity_1170x350px.png


What a day! We have just wrapped up our 2024 Customer Excellence Award ceremony; it was an action-packed session where we crowned 21 new award winners and discussed our new product: the Next Generation platform.

Thank you to all of you who were able to join us for the fun: you can watch the event on-demand here! For those who are not familiar, the Customer Excellence Awards have been running for eight years — and each year we receive hundreds of entries. They are meticulously judged by a panel of internal and external judges.

Below, we recognize the winners of this year's awards.




Rising Star Award

Global winner: Jabil
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In just one year, Jabil has automated 14 processes including one that has reduced the time to handle delivery documentation from months to days — resulting in increased customer and employee satisfaction.


Sustainability Driver

Global Winner: Netherlands Police
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The Netherlands Police have used IA to verify the identity of asylum-seekers by collecting and checking biometric data and helped support vulnerable citizens by automating collaboration with child protective services. They’ve incorporated machine learning, artificial intelligence, OCR, process mining and app development along with RPA.


Operational Ingenuity

Regional All-Stars:

Americas: State Street Bank
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APAC: Revenue NSW
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Global Winner: Shell
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Shell’s digital worker and employee skillsets were enhanced by incorporating OCR, ML, AI and process and task mining. Shell has transformed ways of working, created additional capacity for business teams and achieved 300% ROI.

Innovation Brilliance

Regional All-Stars:

Americas: Santander
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APAC: Agilent Technologies
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EMEA: Old Mutual
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Global Winner: Abanca
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Abanca has developed a solution to handle hundreds of thousands of customer requests using a combination of RPA, GPT-4, and NLP. The solution drastically reduced the time agents spend on manual tasks, increased customer service response times, and achieved substantial cost efficiencies.


Transformational Excellence

Regional All-Stars:

Americas: Banco Popular Dominicano
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Global Winner: Kimberly Clark
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Kimberly Clark has utilized IA to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty by providing personalized and timely support across multiple channels; improve operational efficiency and quality; and unlock new insights and opportunities by leveraging data and analytics, which has enabled them to innovate and adapt to changing market needs and customer expectations.


Legend Award

Alberta Health Services
In past years, AHS has won the global SS&C Blue Prism Customer Excellence award for Best Value Driver and an America’s All-Star Award for Best Newcomer. In addition, @jessetutt earned the SS&C Blue Prism Change Agent award last year. Judges noted that AHS is a true agent of change and utilizes intelligent automation in smart and innovative ways.

Learn from and discover more about AHS’ intelligent automation journey here.



Leader of the Year

Regional All-Stars: 

Americas All Star: Santiago Cires (@SantiagoCires), La Segunda 

APAC All Star: Abhay Kumar, AB InBev

Global Winner: Vanessa Corbett, ASB 
Vanessa inspires her team to focus on valuable automation opportunities that impact the business and end customers. She has been a key contributor to ASB’s digital transformation journey since the inception of the RPA program and has advocated for RPA internally and at ASB’s parent company.


Builder of the Year

Regional All-Stars:

Americas All Star: Tori Wiggs, Banner Health

APAC All Star: Mukul Bhambri, AB InBev

Global Winner: Jignesh Khakhriya (@Jignesh-JK), Shell
Jignesh recently completed a complex implementation for the finance operations team resulting in a solution to automate non-standard invoices — the end-to-end process utilizes digital workers in combination with connected technologies and processes thousands of invoices in 15 different languages.


Closing Notes

Congratulations to you all for your outstanding achievements! It’s an incredibly exciting time to be part of this industry and to witness how it’s evolving. This years’ awards demonstrated that our customers are not only seeing this evolution, but also embracing it.

Be boundless, dream up new ways to innovate with intelligent automation, and keep in touch!


Bonus behind the scenes photos

Enjoy some behind the scenes photos, featuring our hosts @EmmaKK  @CharlotteK , @redbondc , @JunaidZahid  and special guest @Michael_S 














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