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DX documents are not loading

I'm not able to read documents for any DX assets. Can you guys confirm if same or all.



Hello @Tejaskumar_Darji - i am able to open and download the document .

Hi Tejaskumar,


I verified this asset and able to read the documentation

If I answered your query. Please mark it as the Best Answer

Harish Mogulluri

Ok yeah its working now thanks team for confirming

Hi @Tejaskumar_Darji

Did you installed this Self Healing Utility and tested its functionality ? If yes could you please assist one how to test this utility ?

I have installed this utility and ran this utility and getting 

0 - There is nothing to do : this is valid since there automae.exe is running successfully in the BOT.

My concern is how do we test other scenarios 

Process is supposed to be running in the first place
- Process is not actively listening on the assigned port
- Process is indicating that is not responding
- No process under the given TCP port was found.