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Microsoft 365 Excel Write Excel

Level 4
have implemented a process where a collection hast to be written to an Excel. As a test I created an Excel with the name TestExcel.xlsx and the table “Tabelle1”.
The Excel can be found, because I can copy it or read data out of it. But writting from a collection to the Excel does not work.
There is no error message. Everything looks fine. But, the collection is not written to Excel. 
I use the actions Authenticate, Open Workbook, Write Collection and Close Workbook.
Could it be a permission problem? Attached you can find the BP API permissions.
Thanks for your help.



Level 4

I read the IDs via the Graph API. To make sure that I don’t have the same Excel anywhere else, I created a new Excel with different data in a different folder. That is, this time I read data from Sheet2 (Tabelle2) and write data to Sheet1 (Tabelle1). The IDs must be correct, otherwise the Get Worksheet as Collection would not work. But Sheet1 remains empty.
What else I noticed is that I receive the following error message


when writing collection, if the collection contains numbers, even though the collection is formatted as text:


When the collection has just text (in RowA) there is no error message.


Level 4

@ewilson In the meantime I was able to test the request URL with Postman (Sharepoint Graph Exlorer is unfortunately not allowed in our company). I had the same problem. This means that the problem is on our (Sharepoint) side and we have to keep looking at ourselves.
Thank you for your support so far!